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a. Fellowship

Soochna Seva is all about information FOR the people BY the people themselves. The unique feature is the deployment of field agents for public information dissemination and digital empowerment of the target population. Known as Soochna Sevaks, they would be the central force of engagement in the project and would drive the success of the project towards its stated objectives. To recruit a dedicated and committed bunch of Soochna Sevaks, DEF has instituted a fellowship programme known as the Soochna Seva Fellowship for young enthusiasts who are willing to make a difference. The fellowship is for a duration of 6 months, which the fellow has to spend in the target district itself working at the grass-root level resolving issues and performing the required tasks. After completion of the 6-month period, the fellow has to submit a detailed report inclusive of all documents, case studies, photographs and videos. Based on a subsequent performance assessment, the tenure of the fellow may be extended purely at the discretion of the organization.

Selection Process-Those who want to participate in the Soochna Seva fellowship programme must apply for the same using the following link: Soochna Seva Fellowship Application

The applications would be extensively scrutinized for compliance to required skills & competencies and the eligible candidates would be contacted for a telephonic interview in which their motivation and inter-personal skills would be assessed. Subsequent to their clearing this round, they would be asked to report at the District Office where a secondary assessment on ability to handle digital tools would be scrutinized. Selected candidates would then be intimated with a conditional offer letter. On acceptance of the same, they would have to sign a contract with DEF which would bind them from leaving the fellowship before the stipulated time period. Should they do so, they would have to forfeit the entire amount that has already been paid to them as remuneration. The contract would also enforce strict confidentiality in the sense that the fellow should not use any of the data collected during the field visits for any other purpose nor should this data be stored, transmitted or copied to any other device.

To see complete Job description please click here……

b. Internship

Our internships offer the opportunity for graduates and post graduates to further their career goals, while helping the organization to combat the root causes of international conflict. In recognition of their contribution, Interns are provided with the opportunity to gain valuable experience working within digital Empowerment Foundation – a national NGO, with a reputation for being a leader in its sector. During their time with the organisation, Interns can expect to gain an understanding of the work of DEF field programmes and to develop relationships with other peace-building organisations. We believe that the experience gained working alongside other skilled staff of DEF that will benefit those wishing to focus on peace-building as an element of their future career. With the support of their supervisor Interns will develop the confidence and capability to work either autonomously or as a member of a team contributing to quality peace-building solutions. They will also focus on developing high-level interpersonal and liaison and other skills to enable them to form strong working relationships with partners, contacts and programme staff across the organisation. Interns will have the opportunity to work within a supportive and supervised environment, and will be provided with all necessary on-the-job assistance. DEF’s internships aim to provide the ideal springboard for candidates interested in contributing to a focused professional Non-governmental organisation, whilst developing their own skills and capabilities in this important field. (To see the complete Job Description please click here)

c. Job Opportunities 

Require District Manager for Tehri Garhwal, Uttrakhand. (To see the complete Job description please click here)

Require Junior Content Writer (To see the complete Job description please click here)

d. Expression of Interest(EOI)

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